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Public Meeting results

Thanks to all for your input!

Residents and stakeholders gathered at the Community Center at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 14, to review progress to date on the Comprehensive Plan and provide feedback that will help steer the plan's priorities.

The PDF document linked here contains the presentation as well as results of the live audience polling, in which attendees were asked to submit answers to three questions.

The PDF document linked here contains the results of the goals voting exercise. Attendees were each provided 10 (non-legal tender!) $100 bills to budget across goals they considered to be the most important.

The top five vote-earning priorities were:

  • Reconfigure and enhance W. Library and Brightwood (redesign lanes, improve lighting, landscaping, street furniture, consider “destination” enhancements such as public square, market hall)
  • Extend the trail network (with a particular emphasis on connecting the Montour Trail with local destinations and other ped/bike thoroughfares)
  • Eliminate blight in commercial nodes throughout the community
  • Protect property owners from flood damage
  • Keep BP green (increase tree canopy, focus redevelopment in built-up areas, preserve open space, etc.)
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